Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Clearly, I don't have enough to fret about, so the Fates have decided to pull a muscle in my back. Now I am hobbling around the house like a poorly designed robot, and Tom had to spend his last free day at home mowing all of the grass that I am unable to mow. Why did this even happen? I have strong muscles in my back, and I was lifting a small light cardboard box out of a hatchback--i.e., I was barely bending over to do an undemanding task. But as a result of this stupid injury, I have to deal with sympathetic remarks from my son such as "Do you feel old?"

The temperature is supposed to climb to 80 degrees today, and I will not be weeding or mowing or carrying a laundry basket. However, I can still edit manuscripts and bake bread and teach poetry to middle schoolers. And I'm determined to be cheerful. My gait may resemble the Ancient Mariner's, but I refuse to be a crabby old lady.


Ruth said...

Sometimes I too need to remind myself not to be a crabby old lady. My mother pulled a muscle in her back taking a lemon meringue pie from the oven. You can probably imagine the comments about her pastry. I know it will resolve itself quickly. I refuse to be a __________ .
Lucky Middle-schoolers

Dawn Potter said...

The middle schoolers get Shakespeare today!

Carlene said...

One can injure oneself in surprising ways: it's always humbling to be made aware that, even though the machinery is strong, it is also delicately balanced.

Take a little break from heavy tasks, listen to your body, and breathe. =)

And enjoy Shakespeare with the younguns. My seniors will be getting a kick in the nether regions today. Sometimes it's literature, sometimes it's a good, old-fashioned boot in the butt. Ahhhh, education.

Ruth said...

My Kindergarteners are getting William Carlos Williams and hula hoops for an exercise feeling different rhythms.