Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Well, last night's Twitter chat went better than expected! Lots of North American teachers talking and listening, many new acquaintances exposed to our Frost Place ideas: I was really pleased, and also grateful for the support of conference alums Amy and Jean, who contributed greatly to the conversation.

Today, I will trudge onward into my stacks of editing; and also will have a confab about AWP in Los Angeles, where I'll be working for CavanKerry Press; and also will have the fun of putting plates and glasses back into newly painted cupboards. Strange as it may seem, I am enjoying housework these days.

But next week will be different: a project due on Tuesday, a reading on Thursday, a workshop on Friday, a gig on Saturday. . . . I'm trying to project a facsimile of calm. Everything will be fine. Not much housework will get done.

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