Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Tamir Rice decision: I don't understand, I don't understand, I don't understand. How is it that stupidity and incompetence allow a police department to evade the consequences of officers' and dispatchers' actions? In general, citizens aren't cleared of murder because they didn't mean to murder someone or murdered that person because they got false information about the situation. How can this case be an exception? I don't understand.

I am sitting here, drinking Christmas coffee, wrapped in my new red bathrobe, as the falling snow settles gently onto branches and roofs. This child's parents are answering the telephone and dreading reporters, and their hearts are packed with lead.

I also was the mother of a twelve-year-old boy who took the orange tip off a toy gun. He was a goof, and he had dumb ideas, but he is white and he played alone in the forest. And nobody killed him.


Maureen said...

I was unbelieving when I read this morning's news about Tamir Rice, especially because I watched the tape we all watched. I cannot get over how a child can be killed by a cop within two seconds of arriving on a scene. How could two men, in a car no less, have felt threatened in such a situation? It's all just too much, and I feel a piece of my heart being shed every time a decision like this one is made.

Ruth said...

Maureen, you have put it so eloquently. This case is fueling yet more hate and violence. My hearrt is aching for so many cruel and hateful things this morning. I posted on FB one of those posters and it rather apt for this. "If you treat me well, I will definately treat you better." I think the warning on railroad crossings says so much: STOP, LOOK, LISTEN"