Friday, December 4, 2015

In yesterday's email I received three invitations to teach writing workshops, plus a request for an interview, plus a confirmation note concerning a workshop I've already contracted to teach, plus a suggestion that I apply for a state poet thing. What strange cauldron is bubbling in the mysterious caverns of arts funding? My inbox has never been so full of stuff actually addressed to me.

Meanwhile, yesterday's post about my reactions to the recent spate of gun terror seems to have resonated with several readers, judging from the comments I received on Facebook and in emails. So I want to say: if you are interested in writing a personal response to that essay (or to another post), I would be happy to consider featuring you as a guest writer on the blog. This invitation is also open to any of you who would like to share a literary essay. I've already got plans to publish one reader's meditation on Proust, and I'd love to share your thoughts too.

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