Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Live from Doughty Hill

In this cut from Doughty Hill's October show at the Wayside Theater in Dexter, Maine, guitarist Brian Smith and I are performing the Fleetwood Mac song "Landslide." The sound balance is a bit off (it was recorded from the back of the hall), but you get the idea. One difficult aspect about this version is the key: in order to accommodate both my vocal range and the size of Brian's hands, we've ended up playing it in F sharp, which may be the worst of all possible keys for the violin--little natural resonance and extremely clumsy fingering. That accounts for the very plain fiddle lead.

Our drummer, Dan Sharrow, is gradually putting up other songs from this show on YouTube. Check them out, if you're interested. Here's what we sound like when we're all playing together. This is "The Lost Child," an original song by Sid Stutzman that retells the story of a local tragedy.

And finally, here's a Leadbelly cover: "Built for Comfort."


Ruth said...

Love hearing the band!

Anonymous said...

Ditto! Fun addition!