Monday, August 3, 2015

After six quiet weeks, Boy Land is in full swing again. The eating, the chattering, the thumping around in bedrooms at 3 a.m., the hot-water use, the piano noodling at 3 a.m., the ironic playing of Devo records, the "let's sell this on EBay" ideas, the eating, the eating, the device cords plugged into all available outlets including the counter on which I am trying to make dinner, the conversations about Becket and Chinatown and Cheez-Doodles, the beard growing, the hair dyeing, the cuddling of cats, the long walks in the woods, the coma-like sleep till 1 p.m. followed immediately by "let's climb Mount Katahdin!" . . . you're getting the idea, I'm sure.

Suffice it say that I have returned to my "make bread every day" schedule.

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Ruth said...

So, back to normal!