Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I've got a new poem out in the Solstice Literary Journal, which also includes work by Frost Place friend George Drew and Maine writer Penny Guisinger.

I wrote this poem in response to a question on a job application. Should I have sent it in instead of the sober, well-behaved answer that didn't get me the job?


Maureen said...

Wonderful poem.

Dawn Potter said...

Thank you, Maureen!

CMGadapee said...

O wow.
I don't/can't presume to say why I love this poem, except the response is visceral.

Dawn Potter said...

Carlene, I'm so happy. It was an odd poem for me to write: not much like my usual fodder . . .but all of a sudden I had this kind of Thomas Mann vision of the postal clerk and the canal, and the piece went from there.