Friday, July 26, 2013

Last night's gig at the Red Maple Inn was so much fun. To the amusement of the bass player, I revealed that this was the very first time I had ever played in a bar. The opportunity doesn't come up much for classical violinists. The rest of the band has played in bars since they were 15 and talk as if they never want to do it again. But I could tell they were having a good time. We ended up playing the blues way more than we usually do, and I've got to say: playing the blues on the violin is a seductive thrill. It's true that a large proportion of our audience was drunk, but it was still enjoyable to be performing for people who weren't 110 years old and sitting in lawn chairs. One guy even danced. And he only had one leg.

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Ruth said...

Wow!!! Blues violin!! Sounds like you had a splendid time. I've sung at open mics in bars, doesn't work so well for my unaccompanied style! Glad everyone enjoyed the gig.