Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yesterday evening, the following remark popped up on my Facebook wall. It was written by my 15-year-old son, and the "friend" in question is someone he's known since infancy. To say that I'm impressed is putting it mildly. Not only do I admire my son's moral conviction, but I am delighted by the clarity of his argument: the way in which he honed in on censorship and faulty logic but did so calmly and efficiently. He posted this status without talking to his parents first, without fretting over wording or approach. I had nothing at all to do with it, which makes me extraordinarily happy.

Reason #1,000 for loving my ninth grader: his fervor and his humanity. Reason #1,000 for loving his college-age brother: he was the first person to like his little brother's status. Then he sent me an email that said, "I'm proud of him."
One of my "friends" just posted a screenshot of a tweet talking about Jason Collins coming out as gay, and how the media was paying too much attention to him and didn't care that Tim Tebow was a Christian. I wrote a very long comment that he promptly deleted and then blocked me. So I'm just going to put this into a status: Christians aren't treated as second class citizens in this country. There are so many open Christians in sports that everyone is used to it. Jason Collins coming out was a huge deal. He's going to get threats for this. And yet he's doing something he believes in. No one's going to threaten Tim Tebow for being a Christian. Christians are allowed to get married. Christians aren't insulted for something they can't control. People need to start realizing that gay marriage isn't a bad thing.


Carlene said...

I am so happy to know such fine young people are not afraid to post their moral convictions, and who will champion the cause of social justice.

And bravo, also, to you and yours, who have raised a fine young man.

Louise said...

And (to quote a New Zealand politician) gay marriage will neither increase your mortgage nor stop your teenage son or daughter from arguing with you. The sun will still shine and life will go on as before. What are people afraid of?
(I like your sons Dawn - and mine too who posts similar things on his Facebook page. Aren't we blessed?)

Dawn Potter said...

We are, we are, Louise!