Saturday, May 11, 2013

Scenes from Harmony

I thought I'd share a few pictures of my yard today. Please pardon the blur and the poor composition. I am not an accomplished photographer, though I do live with one.

Above is a view of two of my gardens. Closest is the herb and perennial garden. On the terrace below is the vegetable garden. Beyond is a hedge of lilacs and a flowering plum that produces no fruit.

You can see that the daffodils are fading, but soon this bed will be filled with iris, dahlias, and delphiniums. Terraced above them is the grape vine. In the distance is the woodshed and, on the left, the old garage I use as a barn.

Two wet tulips appeared out of nowhere this year. I never planted them and they never grew in the spot before. In the upper left is our fire pit.

Tiny wood violets grow wild in the grass and in sunny patches in the forest. They are about half the size of regular purple violets.

Lulu snatches dandelion greens out of my hand. She is a crabby old lady who delights in bitterness.

My yard is hemmed in by forest. In this case the passive voice states the case more clearly than active would. The yard is the helpless recipient of hemming. The trees are enormous and encroaching and would make fine characters in a Tolkein novel.


Ruth said...

"Lulu snatches dandelion greens out of my hand. She is a crabby old lady who delights in bitterness." I love these 2 sentences. I have a cousin who fits this too. It seems that she snatches bitter greens and delights in that!

David X. Novak said...

Looks lovely and well kept up. Ditto re: Lulu -- whose pic is helped by the slight blur.

Dawn Potter said...

Ruth, perhaps we can arrange meeting between the two crabs.

And David, thanks for visiting! "Well kept up" now, but by August things get out of hand, , , ,