Thursday, September 2, 2021

This morning I'm shaken up by the videos of the terrible flooding in Brooklyn. I haven't heard from my kid yet . . . which is normal because it's 6 a.m., but still I'm antsy.

He's undoubtedly okay, but I do recognize parts of his neighborhood in some of the videos. Things look bad.

Here in Portland the rain is also pouring, though not at flood levels, and I dreamed all night about home invasions, so I'm not feeling particularly well rested. However, the coffee is helping, and I don't have a pressing day ahead of me. I've been spending much of this week working on seminar planning, including setting up the class web page, which has taken up a ridiculous amount of time. But things are in good shape, students are checking in, and I think I'm ready to teach. The class is completely full, and I'm looking forward to the venture.

Yesterday afternoon Tom's truck got towed to the garage, and if all goes well he should be able to pick it up this evening. The plan is that he'll drive to Brooklyn on Saturday, return on Monday . . . as long as the flooding aftermath is under control. Ugh.

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