Saturday, August 21, 2021

Another densely humid morning here in the little city by the sea. We are waiting to find out if we'll be hit by a hurricane tomorrow: Portland's on the edge of projections, so it's hard to tell one way or the other. In the meantime, I'll spend part of the day picking peppers and semi-ripe tomatoes--trying to remove some of the weight from the fragile plants before the winds kick up and break them down. I ought to catch up on the housework I ignored while I was prepping for the garden tour, and I'm still scheduled to read tomorrow in Kennebunk, though that's weather-dependent at this point. So the day will be filled with this-n-thats, and a lot of forecast watching.

I spent much of yesterday afternoon working on class plans: e.g., dancing to Nina Simone and scribbling notes about how to use her first album as a teaching tool for students who are trying to put together their first manuscripts. It was fun, and surprising--I had the good feeling that my plans were going to shoot off into unanticipated directions, which I always love.

By the way, we've got just one more space open in that class, so take the leap and join us--

Today, in addition to the this-n-thats I've already mentioned, I'm going to start reading the Caroline Alexander translation of the Iliad and work on a few poem revisions. I've gotten back into the swing of my little study--narrow and low-ceilinged, but with two big north-facing windows looking out over the back garden and a painter's studio cast of light. It's a good place to dream.

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