Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Another excellent day of talks and lessons and feelings and readings, though if you've been trying to watch the readings you've probably discovered that there's been a problem with the FB Live feed. They've  been recorded and you can see them eventually, I'm told. And maybe mine will be available tonight; I know the problem is under examination. So I'll leave the link here, and you can check in at 7 p.m. if you're in the mood. 

This morning: more presentations, and then an afternoon celebration of participant poems. I'll be puddling in the heat and trying not to let on, though my web camera makes me look ridiculously pink. Just call me Rosy-Fingered Dawn. The weather's been extreme, but at least I did manage to sleep last night, with the help of a roaring box fan. So all in all I feel pretty peppy on this withering morning.

It's so hot in the Pacific Northwest that yesterday the adventure boys were toning down their hiking expectations and considering a day of urban air conditioning instead. That's a relief to me, as, in true mother fashion, my worries had already enthusiastically shifted from grizzly bears to heat stroke.

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Ang said...

Dawn you are so intrepid!
Thanks for the mama bear reference. I constantly move from one worry to the next.

Hope the conference continues well. AND hope you all can be together on location next year!