Saturday, May 23, 2020

Yesterday was summer. We lay in the grass, drinking ice tea and eating cherries. We sat around the (unfinished) fire pit and played cards into the evening.

I have no idea what today will be, season-wise. The forecast says "high of 57," but at 7 a.m. it's already 63 degrees. So something's askew at the weather bureau.

Now Tom's taken off on a morning bike ride while I am sitting here on the couch, listening to clothes churn in the washing machine and wishing for more coffee. Today I'll move compost, plant a second crop of radishes, and water the garden. We need a rainy day to balance out all of this sunshine.

Tom says he saw lots of motorcyclists heading out into the lakes region yesterday, just as they would on any normal Memorial Day weekend in Vacationland. This is disturbing, given that COVID cases are spiking again in southern Maine. How will we make any progress toward containing the scourge?

I am trying to stay calm, and not perseverate on this craziness. I plan to spend our three-day holiday in Vacationland working in the garden, reading manuscripts, copying out Rilke poems, washing windows, and avoid waking up at 4 a.m. I refuse to edit anything.

Here are a few garden pictures. First up: three beautiful radishes. It has been a fine spring for them.

Arugula, entering its prime.

Taking a cue from our friend Steve, who has been naming all of the ecosystems in his tiny Brooklyn yard, Paul and I have decided to name ours. I fully expect to change the names constantly. So here (for the moment) is the Lane: Shallots and garlic in the front box. Arugula, cilantro, mesclun, beets, and carrots in the rear box. Speedwell and phlox blooming to the side. Shed Patch (an undeveloped vacant lot) appears in the background.

Concord Plain: a blueberry bush, loaded with blossoms.

Eastern Terrace: Tomato stakes, arugula, fading tulips, an edging of herbs, a glimpse into the Glen.

More Eastern Terrace: Pepper plants, more fading tulips, chamomile poised to bloom

 Library Bed and the Grey Walk: Salvia and thyme in bloom.

Not pictured: the Breadbasket, the Hill Country, Lantern Waste, Parlor Bed, the Red Walk, and the currently unnamed sub-ecosystems of the Glen.


David X. Novak said...

Beautiful radishes indeed. I guess our names would be, Under the Cherry, By-the-path, Rose Central, The Spot that Gets Sun, and, if I wanted to get fancy, I might refer to the front parkway as "Out in the Hellstrip."

Dawn Potter said...

I love those names!

Ruth said...

There IS something comforting and satisfying about radishes.
Rather like daily life, crunchy, sweet, peppery, perfect and imperfect.

Carlene Gadapee said...

Those are blue-ribbon radishes!
I love the idea of naming your "districts"--I just created an entire subdivision this week. Reclaimed Tickville might just work. lol
It's next to The Hives, and beside the Meditation Garden That Frustrates Me.
I'm beginning to feel a Narnia mood...

Take care, and enjoy the sunshine.
Miss everyone...C

nancy said...

Drove through the Frost end of Franconia today and thought of you all. There are still streaks of snow on the mountains, but the fields are bright green. It looked like I think Switzerland might?