Monday, April 8, 2019

Housework all morning, yardwork all afternoon, and then a trip into town for poutine and beer. It was an excellent Sunday. I moved the last of our firewood into the basement, lay drip hose in the garden, washed floors, dusted glassware, and hung out towels. Today will be rain and snow and snow and rain, and now the seeds I planted can swell and the firewood I moved can stay dry. The crisp towels will hang in the bathroom, the dishes will shine, and I will not have to worry about any of these chores while I'm teaching and editing this week.

Tom and I are still not exactly healthy. We're both still coughing, and he's slow-moving, but progress is being made, in a tortoise-like fashion. If you have this cold too, I'm sorry. It's a slow-mover that will take a giant bite out of your month.

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-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Always a poifect Sunday
in Seventh-Heaven, dear.