Thursday, March 14, 2019

Woke up to a few blots of snow, but I can already hear the roof melt dripping from the eaves. The air smells wet and new, like someone has just let the south wind out of a box.

I spent yesterday morning with Euripides, then sewed a sleeve onto a dress, then went out for coffee and a walk with a writer friend, then bought two mackerels and a pound of salt cod, and then came home and fried up those mackerels. I served them on a bed of chard (from last summer's garden), alongside pilaf with basmati, whole-wheat orzo, fresh chicken broth, and basil (from last summer's garden) and roasted fennel with muscat grapes. It was an amazingly delicious meal. (The salt cod I'll deal with over the weekend because tonight I'm going to do something or other with corned beef.)

Mackerel is such a good deal. Two small ones are perfect for two people. They fit into a frying pan and are relatively easy to turn. The bones aren't too thorny, and the flavor is moist and mild but not bland. And they are cheap. Every time I buy them I feel wise.

This morning I have to bring the cat to the vet for his annual shots and such. He will scream his head off in the car, and purr and flirt as soon as we arrive. Thank goodness the vet is only 10 minutes away. In Harmony I had an hour drive filled with nonstop hysterical shrieking. Another plus of city life.

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