Friday, March 8, 2019

I just got the good news that my Bangor essay workshop (March 30) is full and that my poetry-for-teachers workshop in Augusta (April 5) is almost full. Almost a dozen people--including several newcomers--have reserved space at the Frost Place Conference on Poetry and Teaching, and applications aren't even formally open yet. This all seems very positive, and not just for me personally. It feels like a sign that people everywhere are eager to read and write together.

Even the high schoolers are excited. Yesterday, during performance practice, one shy young man offered to read his poem in front of the class so that they could critique his delivery. What he did was blow them away . . . he delivered a poem full of emotion, using voice and body language that reinforced that emotion, and the class was floored. After weeks of work, the students were suddenly discovering how the synthesis of page and presence can change everything. It was a glorious moment--for the poet, for the audience, for the teachers.

Often, as a visiting artist, I have doubts about what kind of impact I'm making. I sweep in, put on my poetry show, and sweep out. All I can do is hope that a bit of the wonder sticks. Yesterday, I felt like maybe it was going to.


Ruth said...

There is a line from a poem that I am working on that suddenly floated by me when I read your entry this morning. *Magic only works when it can*. I always feel that you are a bit of magic, but like most magic, you aren't aware of it and that's the best kind.
Waiting until June is one of the hardest things every year.

David (n of 49) said...

A glorious moment for sure.