Monday, March 11, 2019

Cutting and fitting trim is a slow project, but Tom got a lot of it done this weekend. Most of the raw, spiderweb-prone, 60-year-old framing that had been leering from around the kitchen and hall doorways is now hidden . . . though there's still the window to do, and all of the top boards across the doorways, and all of the edging along the floor. Someday we'll even have a cellar door, and countertops, and cabinet doors. But do not think I am nagging. I am still excited about having plumbing.

It was a good day to go nowhere. Though the rain tried hard to take control of the storm, we ended up with a couple of inches of sodden snow, enough for me to shovel while Tom was working on the trim. Let's hope this is the last of it. Today the temperature is supposed to climb into the forties, and the snow will start melting in the sunshine, and I'll be driving to school for a student reading celebration, and it's time for spring to settle in for good.

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