Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A couple of weeks ago a former student asked if I'd be interested in leading a private master class for a poetry group in southern New Hampshire. She said each participant would chip in to pay my fee, they'd arrange a meeting space in a local library, and we'd work out preferences for class content beforehand (e.g., workshopping, writing prompts, or a combination). I said yes! of course! and now I've got this fun date marked on my calendar for June.

But it made me think. This method seems like an affordable way to gather people who want to spend a day together talking about poems. So if you have been wishing for a face-to-face poetry day, and you have a few friends who might want to participate, let me know. Obviously distance, meals, lodging would add complications, but they're solvable. How can we make this work for all of us?

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