Monday, February 4, 2019

Yesterday's reading turned out to be a lovely event. It was held in a beautiful room at the Brunswick library, filled with couches and a working fireplace and many attentive listeners. I even sold a few books. There are two more readings in this series, coming up next Sunday and the Sunday afterward. So make your way there, if you're local.

Today I'm back to high school teaching, online teaching, manuscript reading . . . My brain is fizzing with "Don't forget" instructions to itself. In the interstices I'm still rereading Toibin's stories, still dipping into Dante and The Birth of the Modern, still muttering over my new poems. I need to find a way to fit some physical activity into this new schedule. Yoga class is impossible, so it will have to be cemetery walking, if I can manage to snag some afternoon daylight.


David (n of 49) said...

Apparently late afternoon light will leave the day to darkness, and to you. Assuming you're inclined to that sort of thing. P.s. If Johnson has anything worthwhile to say on Waterloo, "inquiring minds want to know..." :)

Dawn Potter said...

Johnson has much to say about Waterloo, but it is woven throughout the book. I'm thinking you ought to maybe acquire your own copy soon . . . the book is a trove of information, but even though this is my second time through, I can barely absorb a tenth of it. Maybe between the two of us we'll become actually educated about the period.

David (n of 49) said...

Okay, thanks, adding him to the list. And I promise not to quiz you if you won't quiz me. :)