Wednesday, February 13, 2019

All night I kept waking to the sound of wind whipping sleet against the windows, and now that I am up I can confirm that this storm is even nastier than I'd guessed. We have maybe six inches of snow-sleet, and now rain is falling on top of it, transforming the mixture into a concrete sponge. O how I hate the thought of shoveling. But my school has only a two-hour delay, so shovel I will . . .

Well, as I said yesterday, it's better for the residency schedule to avoid a snow day. But.

In more pleasant news, I've started reading Alice Munro's story collection Too Much Happiness, and, as always, reading Munro makes me wonder why I ever read anything else. How can a writer be so good, in so many ways, reading after reading after reading? Her books stun me.

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