Monday, January 28, 2019

I was supposed to start my high school residency today, but schools being what they are, "testing" and "teacher workshop" suddenly reared their heads, so the residency start date has been pushed to Thursday and my first day will be Friday. As a result, instead of driving-teaching-driving today, I will be doing some curriculum planning, moving forward with my essay class, cleaning floors, and going to the poetry-group meeting that was postponed last week.

Tom and I had a pleasant weekend. On Saturday we went downtown to look at a couple of gallery shows, ate some dumplings for lunch, moseyed home, puttered at this and that around the house until Tom made tuna melts for dinner. Yesterday I did some housework, he did some door installation; then he retreated to his study and considered his next photo-printing project while I sewed apron strings until it was time to start the beef stew. Alcott House is a very nice size for two friendly people who like to have time and space to themselves . . . And now some of the rooms even have doors!

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