Sunday, July 8, 2018

I wish I could figure out how to take photos that look like something, but I guess we all have our ineptitudes. (Also, don't ask me to do simple addition.) Anyway, here are a few hard-to-focus-on pictures of the current status of the front-yard farm. To the left, a row of sunflowers coming into bloom. Straight ahead, jungle-like tomato, cucumber on a trellis, and an artichoke, plus some bok choi and kohlrabi and marigolds.

 Another view of the jungle-like tomatoes and the cucumber trellis, fronted with a row of purple string beans.

Blurry herb garden, suitable for people without their glasses on. Mounds to the right are parsley. Fluffy stuff to the left: edible chrysanthemum and cilantro.

Finally, a clear photo. This is my herb-drying system. Note the handy antlers. They were on the wood shop in Harmony when we bought the place, and Tom decided to bring them with us to Portland.

Ruckus in Tom's toolbox, "helping." I did not take this photo, which is why it is good.

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Carlene Gadapee said...

All of it is lovely...thanks for sharing a glimpse into your world!