Monday, September 11, 2017

Yesterday we went to a circus and to three grocery stores, and then we made a long, involved snack meal of spring rolls and potato-kimchee salad and watermelon with mint and black pepper. And we talked and talked, and then we got dozy on the couch in front of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
My son's partner: People ask me, Is James really that sweet? And I say, Yes, he really is.  His whole family is that sweet.
James [smiling.] 
Me: [beaming.]
It was that kind of evening. I am very happy to be here.

On the docket today: a visit to my son's TV studio, a visit to the Museum of the History of Chicago, dinner at a Russian restaurant with my brother-in-law, who texted J to say he's in town for work. That was unexpected. Who knew coming to Chicago would end up being a family reunion?

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Ruth said...

Potato-kimchee. Sound really how...I am good at improvising, but a few hints would be grand. Spring rolls I can do. I am trying to be more plant-food based with fewer and fewer animal priducts or even by-products......vegan may never be, but I am working at it.
Your whole family is so lovely. though I've never met the others, I am so in love with all of you.