Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I've started a new copying project: a transcription of Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Coriolanus. Copying Paradise Lost and The Prelude (among many other shorter pieces) has certainly been good practice, but an entire Shakespeare play will be a massive undertaking, and I hope I can persevere.

This week, I'm back on the Juniper Prize editing train: tackling a second book of short stories, with two poetry collections waiting in the wings. I'm scheduled to teach a poetry workshop in Kittery on Saturday but haven't yet heard if there are enough participants to make it run. Tomorrow afternoon I head north for band practice. Tonight Tom and I are going to a Sea Dogs game. Coriolanus will get a slow start, but at least I've been able to enjoy the opening stage direction:
Enter a company of mutinous citizens with staves, clubs, and other weapons.
Metaphorize and extrapolate as you see fit.


Carlene said...

I'm interested in why you've chosen Coriolanus? I remember reading it in college, and being fascinated by the women characters. I will admit it's not my favorite of Shakespeare's plays, but the interpersonal relationships among the characters (and the relationship with Self that the title character struggles with) are interesting.

Dawn Potter said...

I chose it because I've neither read it nor seen it, but I have read reviews of performances, which I found intriguing. I wanted to choose a play that was new to me, language-wise and that had a serious and fraught main character. I hope I've made an appropriate choice.

Carlene said...

Let me/us all know what you think of his mother! I rank her as more manipulative and downright horrifying than Lady MacBeth.

I see that there is a modernized version of the play on dvd/Amazon instant play with Vanessa Redgrave. I think I'll check it out.

Joy said...

Oooh, neat! I was wondering how you were choosing the text.