Sunday, July 30, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, on our way back into Portland Harbor after three hours on the mailboat, we saw a pod of porpoises. We had been sitting in the prow, eating tomato sandwiches, and suddenly there they were, arching alongside the boat, gleaming with muscle and spray.

It was a good day to be on the water: bright and brisk and not too choppy; a good evening to eat mountains of steamed mussels and then sit on the deck with cannoli for dessert.

Still, I felt twinges of the fear I wrote about yesterday. I think that may be a permanent condition.

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Ang said...

I get the fear thing juxtaposed with paradise. Once I saw a post-WWII photo in the rubble of France. In the foreground a young couple looking at each other with deep love and excitement. Behind them in fuzzy relief piles of debris that had once been homes and shops and schools. Life has always been a cliff hanger. We must take our joy where we can and be the best we can as long as we can and then leave it to those who come behind us. Easy for me to say when just last night I thought I must have a brain tumor because I was so agitated and despondent. The air today is so soft. The weather could not be more perfect. Double vision.