Sunday, July 16, 2017

We had a lovely day out yesterday: going to the movies, looking at mid-century furniture, cruising through a record-and-book store. I bought a 1962 Muriel Rukeyser first edition for $4. We managed, mostly, not to worry about the house. On Tuesday evening we'll make a counter-offer that takes into account all of the problems that have surfaced during the inspections. And then we'll wait and see.

This will be a busy week, what with the house buying and the manuscript reading and the music and the teaching. I'll be at home till Wednesday, but on Thursday I'll head up north for a band gig in Greenville, and on Saturday I'll be leading an essay workshop in Blue Hill.

So today will be a housework and laundry day. I'd also like to copy out a few of those Rukeyser poems. Last week I copied out Frost's "The Hill Wife" and realized that I need to get back into the swing of my copying practice. I spent much of the early summer on Carruth's "The Sleeping Beauty," but since then have done very little. Yet I always write better when I'm also working on a copying project.

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