Monday, July 3, 2017

I apologize for not writing yesterday, but on Saturday Tom and I immediately became sucked into house-buying drama. We went to an open house, decided to make an offer, and actually managed to get noticed and receive a counter-offer, which we did not accept. So while our original offer is still on the table, we're both assuming that someone else will get the house.

That would make house number 3 that we've lost, though we could have had this one if we'd been willing to pay more than the asking price. However, unlike our state of mind in the previous two situations, we're both pretty calm about this one. For me, still being on a Frost Place high has helped. I feel regretful but not at all hopeless. As I wrote to you last week, I think, finally, I'm beginning to move past my homesickness. And much of that grief was impelling me toward clutching some replacement to my heart. I'm settling into a broader sense of affection for where I am and perhaps that's also allowing me to relax. We will live somewhere, someday. And who knows? Maybe this house will come through after all.

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Carlene said...

I will keep good thoughts for you; we also made several unsuccessful offers before getting this house. And it's turned out for the best (the one we had liked the best ended up having myriad awful issues and a road that developed a major sinkhole!).

The Frost Place is also yours, in a way...the house, the gardens, the path--and the people. That is one constant, at least for the foreseeable future.

Miss you and all of the Tribe already...