Sunday, June 18, 2017

Yesterday Tom and I took my parents on a 3-hour mailboat ride among the Casco Bay islands. And then in the evening they all came to my reading in Westbrook. I think it went well; I hope it went well. One never knows what will happen with a voice.

And now I enter the downward rush to the Frost Place. This will be a week of frantic editing, and frantic paperwork, and frantic buying of toothpaste and face cream, and frantic making sure I'm leaving Tom with enough catfood/toilet paper/bread/clean underwear, which is stupid because the man is perfectly capable of shopping and doing his laundry. But stupid is one of my character traits.

At the Frost Place I know for sure we will have 21 participants, 3 guest faculty members, 2 staff faculty members, 2 office staff members, 1 teaching fellow, and 1 groundhog. The remaining visitors are unknown, though I suspect that several will be ticks and one will be the lawnmower guy who every year drowns out a presentation and has to be chased off the premises. One year we had a phone call from a man who claimed to be the uncle of the next Yeats. But the next Yeats never showed up, though we kept an eye out for him.


Ruth said...

And please to remember the bears that you never see, but others always do and the comforting spirit of Robert Frost himself.

I can hardly wait to get there.

PS. If STUPID is one of your traits, then idiot is one of mine!!!

Carlene said...

Not stupid; you are a nurturer. It's what we do.
And pack for damp and coolish temps...long range forecast is low 70s and a chance of rain most of the days. Sigh. So...bug spray, too.

Can't wait to see you. Our little lupine fosterlings are doing so well...they have tiny, brave, fan-shaped leaves. They'll be snugged up in the ground later this summer. =)