Thursday, June 15, 2017

I have another poem featured today at Vox Populi.

Many of the images/phrases in this poem were triggered by mug shots released by the Somerset County Sheriff's Office--specifically, the slogans on the t-shirts in those photos. It was also triggered by Blake's long poem "America: A Prophecy," though an editorial change makes that less clear. My original version spells the final noun "New-England," an attempt to maintain a Blakean echo. I'm going to ask the editor to reinsert the hyphen, but till then you will have to imagine it for yourself.

Update: The hyphen is back! And now that you've seen both versions, which way do you prefer it?


Ruth said...

With as it says more than without.

Carlene said...

I prefer the hyphen; not only because of the echoes you intend, but without it, it seems more generally menacing to an entire region, but lacking specificity. At least, I feel it is. I am intuiting, not looking at it entirely critically.