Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This morning I posted the following statement on my Facebook page:
I just blocked and reported for hate speech a complete stranger who decided to rant on my page about "Islam recruiting your daughters" (I don't have any daughters) as well as "What the Hell sre Muslims doing in freezing cold Maine for? How they get their/?" (spelling and grammar reproduced exactly). Why did she target me? Because I was excited about Deering High School's decision to provide sports hijabs for its female Muslim athletes. Given the hate killings that just took place in Portland, Oregon, I am feeling a fair amount of fear and anger right now. This is exactly the kind of moronic rhetoric that drives murder. And when I think about those young immigrant women and men I've worked with--starry-eyed, funny, eager, kind, goofy, and full of deep, deep feeling for home and family--I am even more sickened. This hateful woman had the temerity to refer to herself as a Christian. But listen up, you hypocrite: Jesus is on the side of kindness. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." We cannot let the monsters drive us from the paths of righteousness and love.
I think the post conveys how furious I am, but it does not reinforce how much I blame our so-called president for inciting these mud-worms. As far as I know, Trump has not said a word about that hate killing on the Portland train, let alone about the fatal bravery of the three men who stood up for the young women. Thus, as he ignores the crimes of racist white men--and the heroism of loving white men--he continues to abet sin after sin after sin.

We cannot let the monsters drive us from the paths of righteousness and love.

We cannot, we cannot, we cannot.


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The whole party is implicated; and even individual citizens have agency themselves.