Tuesday, May 16, 2017

So, what's it going to take for the Republicans to face the facts here? Our so-called president is more than a morally corrupt braggart. He's also incapable of protecting our national security and is very likely treasonous. Why isn't every single member of Congress rushing into meetings to solve this problem? Why are our elected officials letting this happen?

Every day offers a new way to feel sick about the state of our nation.

I love my country so much . . . its landscapes, its people, its languages. The foods we eat, the water we drink. Our stories and poems and songs. The wilderness and the cities. Every one of these glories is under threat. Will we be left with nothing but rubble?


Anonymous said...

Wish they could or would all read those words. There's a great betrayal going on, and it isn't just Il Trumpino.

Dawn Potter said...

You're exactly right about the vastness of the betrayal.