Thursday, March 2, 2017

Finally, a diagnosis!

It turns out that I have a periodontal abscess, which the sinusitis was disguising. I've never had tooth trouble before, so presumably I picked up this sideline infection while the sinus virus was battering me. Now I am swallowing penicillin pills four times a day and waiting for the abscess to shrink and/or burst . . . "unless," mused the nurse practitioner, "you want me to slit it open now with this knife, but that wouldn't be very fun."

No, really it wouldn't.

But at least I know what's wrong now, and at least I've got some prospect of cure . . . though honestly my mouth feels just as crappy today as it did yesterday. Still, I will persevere with my plans: first, a visit to the ELL kids at South Portland High, then back to the doll-house to edit, then a drive up north for band practice.

In other news: it looks like Jeff Sessions did talk to the Russians. I'm sure you're all so shocked. But of course he will remain perfectly unbiased in any DOJ investigation of Flynn et al. [Choke.]

What those guys need is a nice tooth abscess.


Ruth said...

A tooth infection would be appropriate, but without penicillin!

David (n of 49) said...

Some might say they ARE an abscess, on the body politic. Some might say...