Sunday, February 12, 2017

Here in our headcold-ridden enclave, we are battening down for blizzard winds and a possible 25 inches of snow. At the moment, though, nothing much is going on outside, other than the usual parade of sledders and joggers and dog walkers. I will not be joining them. Earlier this morning, I fell on the ice and yanked my neck and left shoulder, so I imagine that vacuuming under the influence of ibuprofen will be excitement enough.

Otherwise, I'm thinking about dinner (red beans with cornmeal dumplings) and about making sure we'll have enough tea and fruit and Kleenex to get three people with headcolds through a blizzard. I imagine we'll spend our stormy evening sitting on the couch reading books. I imagine we'll play some Otis Redding records. I imagine we'll peer out the window at the driving flakes. I imagine we'll lie in bed under our down comforter and listen to the wind shriek. I love a big snow and I look forward to it all.

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Ruth said...

It must be lovely and of some comfort Not face shoveling for the plow guy to come and then bringing in enough wood for the long haul!!