Saturday, December 3, 2016

My Bangor Daily News essay is out . . . yet another published piece with a title I didn't write. And I'm not sure that house in the photo is actually in Harmony. The rest is accurate, though.

I'm not too coherent this morning. I shouldn't even be awake, given that I didn't get home from the Sugarloaf gig till 2:30 a.m. But a bossy cat yowled in my face, and that was the end of sleeping. I'll try to be chattier tomorrow.


Ruth said...

Have cat, will waken. I hope she didn't bite you or scratch you awake. A friend's cat bit her and the next day another cat scratched her eye requiring a Dr. Visit and an expensive prescription!
Love the the article.

Ellen Taylor said...

Oh, I love this piece, Dawn. It speaks to so much of rural life and choices, and when and why some move on. Thanks for sharing.

Dawn Potter said...

Thank you, Ruth and Ellen. It was synchronicity, I guess, that the BDN asked me to write it. I didn't know I needed to say all this publicly till it came pouring out.