Friday, December 30, 2016

Sorry about the late post, but I've been shoveling snow. Apparently even when you live in a place that has a parking-lot plower, it's easier to just shovel out the space yourself rather than try to find a usable spot on the street and wait for the guy to show up. Portland was only supposed to get a couple of inches of snow from yesterday's nor'easter, but what we really got was two inches of snow, followed by three hours of torrential wind-driven rain, followed by five inches of soppy wet beautiful snow obscuring a secret layer of ice. Good thing I found Yaktrax in my boot size at the marine-supply store down the street. Otherwise, I'd still be outside lying on the pavement.

I hear that Harmony got fifteen inches of snow.

Already kids are sledding down the hill across the street. Yesterday during my walk I met a friendly little boy who was carefully filling his family's recycling container with snowballs. I hope he's getting a chance to use them today.

Here are some photos of the neighborhood this morning.


Maureen said...

I was just thinking this morning about you no longer having to shovel, now that you're in a city. So much for that thought. My experience is the same; failure to shovel out means blocked-in for days.

Carlene said...

O that view of the beautiful.
And I, too, had to shovel...the plow guy comes way too early for cogent thought, so, alas, the area around the cars and the walks are all my purvey.
I tell myself, good cardio.
At least the sky is blue.