Wednesday, December 21, 2016

News, with a plethora of seasonally appropriate exclamation marks:

1. The well in Harmony finally passed the water test!! Now all we have to do is set a closing date. The torment is almost over.

2. My essay "The Humanity of Trump Voters" was the Times Literary Supplement's number-one most clicked-on article of 2016. Crazy. Or perhaps, Crazy!

3. The stove is getting fixed today!

4. My older son's plane just landed in Boston!

5. Ruckus the Cat allowed me to sleep in till 5:15!

6. The sky is blue! The bay is bluer! Dogs are dancing along the sidewalks!


Sheila said...

You earned every exclamation point! Happy Holidays, Dawn!! And thank you for sharing your thoughts throughout the year.

Carlene said...