Monday, December 19, 2016

I'm heading out soon to the Telling Room, a brisk 25-minute walk away from the apartment. Living within walking distance of anything is such a novelty, but now I live within walking distance of many things.

There has been much I've dreaded about moving away from Harmony, but the idea of driving less and walking more has made me happy from the beginning. I don't even like to drive yet have nonetheless spent thousands of hours of my life behind the wheel. But of course when I imagined city walking, I forgot to imagine winter city walking: slush-puddles, clogged drains, nor'easters, and icy hills. I also have no idea how long it will take me to get anywhere.

Still, there's the rhythm, the chance to see the world slowly, the random interactions with people and dogs and trees. And if I fall down on the ice, someone will be around to help me up. In Harmony no one would have seen me for days.

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