Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Yesterday, three interesting things happened. First, I got an email from the director of the Smith College Poetry Center inviting me back to the college to lead a January term session about teaching poetry in K-12 settings. It was good news to learn that the faculty liked what I did with that class last year.

Then a reporter from the Bangor Daily News called. She was working on a long story about Maine's dwindling rural towns and wanted to know if she could (1) quote my TLS article [how did she find it?] and (2) coax me into writing a contributor's response to hers. I read her article this morning, and it's really beautiful. I was thrilled to discover that a young reporter is writing so sensitively about this situation.

Finally, as I was sweeping floors, I listened to an interview with Bruce Springsteen, which Tom had listened to on Saturday and then told me I had to hear. He was right: I'm not sure when I've last heard such a dazzling interview. My urge to write a fan letter is strong.

Today the weather is supposed to be a sloppy mess, but I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to sit in a yellow chair and read a manuscript. I'm going to keep flushing chlorine out of my pipes. I'm going to imagine what I might write next.


Anonymous said...

The article in the Bangor Daily News was indeed well-written and certainly interesting to read, especially to one living ina state with similiar demographics.
The weather may be sloppy..icy here, but the future is looking sunnier.

Richard said...

Yes, it still is an amazing world. Have you ever checked out this Fiddlehead dentists and daughter's website out of St. Albans, Vermont, for some good news in dark times?


It's why I look forward to my dental appointment on December 1st -- and every one thereafter!

Ruth said...

Re the first...did I not click on name????? Ruth of course....scattered that I often am.....