Saturday, October 8, 2016

Donald Trump: Pig-in-Chief

I had hopes that, even if the Red Sox couldn't manage to win on my birthday, that at least I could say that Donald Trump had quit the presidential race. But, alas, he is still with us--though a fresh layer of hot tar is dripping into his eyes and matting up his hair.

The man is an American humiliation. He is a shame and a sinkhole. And while he has managed to say something nasty about almost everyone who doesn't look like himself, women are his constant, quotidian targets. At best, we are caged animals in rut. At worst, we are too ugly to touch. Are we married, are we celibate, do we have vocations, do we have private lives, do we have faith, do we have ambition? What does any of that matter? He reduces our worth as human beings to a single question: "Would I fuck her?"

After yesterday's disclosures, no woman in the United States should be able to vote for Donald Trump. No man who values his mother, his wife, his daughters, or his female friends and colleagues should be able to vote for Donald Trump.

My country, do not let this swine become our decision maker.


Ruth said...

Oh, so perfectly stated!

Maureen said...

I so agree. And may his likes never again disgrace us.