Thursday, September 15, 2016

I came back from band practice last night to see a porcupine waddling away among the trees. The air was scented with skunk, and Ruckus was perched jauntily on the stoop. He smelled strange--not exactly like he'd been sprayed, more like he'd just returned from a friendly dinner party with his striped friends down the street. At least there were no porcupine quills involved. But I did have to give him a bath, an activity that has never been on my list of "things I wish I could do at 10 p.m." However, he and I both survived, sort of unscathed; and this morning he doesn't smell too bad.

* * *

There are new comments on the Geoffrey Hill thread, so check them out and add your own. Do I have a volunteer to choose the next Hill poem to discuss? Come on; you know you want to.

* * *

Tonight I'll be helping Adrian Blevins host Two Cent Talks, a reading series in Waterville, which will be featuring Arielle Greenberg and Bill Roorbach. The reading starts at 5:30 p.m., with dinner afterward. Please come sit with me.

* * *

Do any of my local friends want (1) pink lupine seeds or (2) dahlia tubers [(a) dark red with flat petals or (b) light pink with spiky petals]? I doubt I will be able to fit lupines into my new yard, and I have enough dahlia tubers to fill an acre.

* * *

What is it with these mean bluejays? Now there's one poking at the window screen like he's trying to break into the house.


Carlene said...

HI!! If you can mail pink lupine seeds, I'd gratefully give them a home. (Then you could visit them too!)

Dawn Potter said...

As soon as I acquire some stamps, I'll send them on--

David (n of 49) said...

The jay's probably trying to get at your vagabond's shelf--I understand their beakworms...

"I'm here all week, folks..."