Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yesterday was one of those days when the phone would not stop ringing, and 95 percent of the calls involved real estate, and everyone was in a lather, and then I had to take a "break" and drive to the bank to talk about mortgages, and now this morning I have to tidy up for a house viewer instead of editing a book about Richard Wilbur. [As a side note: Tom and I have discovered that selling this house requires a peculiar mix of arithmetical logic plus homey comforting chat so it's a good thing we're tag-teaming on the project.]

In sentimental news, Ruckus found the collar of his dead dog friend and went to sleep on it. In happy news, my college boy is making friends and admiring his professors and working on a monologue from Uncle Vanya for his theater audition. In musical news, my band has just been hired to play at Sugarloaf this winter. In mental improvement news, nothing to report; creative work still pending; possibly someday I will be brainy again.

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