Sunday, August 28, 2016

I have returned from my long whirlwind trip to the far southern corner of Vermont, and now my youngest child has launched himself into a new life. Considering how much practice time he's had away from home--on wilderness canoe voyages, 6 weeks at Brown last summer--he was surprisingly anxious. And when the time came for me to leave campus, he was was close to tears.

Since then he has texted me several times and telephoned once. Everything is going well, he likes his roommate a lot, he's almost finished reading Julius Caesar, and he can't wait to start his classes. But I still hear the wistfulness in his voice. My older son lit out for the territories, but my younger son is not finding the adventure so easy. All will be well, but this moment is a rather choked-up one.


Ruth said...

Well of course all will be well; however, the other absences for all of you were shorter and had the comfort of knowing a school year with known perimeters was upcoming. You and Victoria are running your own Empty Nest Cafes. Sending you hugs

Mr Hill said...

O, I think saying goodbye to my parents and choking on tears remains one of my most vivid memories from college. I loved everything about school, but that transition was tough. It's the problem with having great parents, maybe.

Carlene said...

Thinking of are right, all will be well. He's in a great place, and there's texting. =)

Hugs. On top of Ruth hugs.


Dawn Potter said...

I remember that feeling of confusion, too, when my parents drove away and I was faced with a room of my own, far away from them. It was a very uneasy feeling. For a long time, I couldn't do anything new without wondering what my father would think.