Saturday, July 16, 2016

The murky air has thinned. It's cool enough to wear a bathrobe this morning, and even the Aged Poodle managed to sleep for eight hours straight.

Tom came home yesterday evening and brought squid, shrimp, and scallops so I could make ceviche. Earlier that day I'd unearthed a cache of chanterelles in the woods, our first of the season, so we had them too--cooked down with olive oil and minced garlic scapes, then tossed with whole-wheat orzo, fresh peas, and cherry tomatoes and served as a salad. We drank cold rosé and played cribbage and listened to the Red Sox hit home runs against the Yankees, and it was a summer night.

No one was arrested. No helicopters circled the house. No bodies were carried away.


Ang said...

I was home yesterday and a helicopter circled the neighborhood times two. Maybe not as far south as Harmony. We had lamb chops fresh from NH with minced garlic scapes and my first pesto of the season. I threw in some beautiful purslane that emerged from under a row cover. We had Rose' champagne to celebrate Lucy.
It is a season of letting go even as the crescendo is upon us. Thanks for your contribution to the common good. It means a lot.

Peg said...

Both the meal and the night sound so delicious!