Thursday, June 9, 2016


Dawn Potter

The choir was singing today
I forget the name of it
the name of the song
it was a jazz song though
we were rehearsing for the concert
we had our act together
no one was wasting time
our harmonies were tight
and Joe Veno
he’s the janitor
he came by the band room to listen
he was leaning on his mop handle
he was waiting with us
till the song was over
and then he said

One time
I went to see Thelonius Monk
he did a show
up in Old Town
it was a good show
It was a real good show

Joe Veno shook his head a little
he was remembering the good show

You kids
You remind me of him
He said that
He said that to us.


Carlene said...

So good...

Thanks for posting it!

Dawn Potter said...

Thanks, Carlene. Also, I'm in tears because I just got the best of all possible reviews: the approval of my 18-year-old. "Mom, I REALLY like it!"

Carlene said...

Always the toughest critic, always the greatest cheering section.

Have a super graduation weekend!