Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Such a happy morning! Among the many stresses of this spring has been my younger son's angsty college-application experience. First, there were the rejections, one after the other. Thus, for the past several weeks he's been bravely coming to grips with the facts: anticipating his future at a college he doesn't want to attend, working to make the best of it, to create a plan B for himself, to imagine an alternate path, to see the bright side. None of this has been easy for this boy, who has always been melodramatic and self-excoriating. I was proud; I was anxious; I was so sad for him.

And then, miracle of miracles, he was notified yesterday evening that he's been accepted off the wait list and will be going to a school he loves. I feel as if I have just shed a thousand pounds of despair.

If a parent is only as happy as her saddest child, count me as euphoric.


Peg said...

It is wonderful to read this. Congratulations!

(It is wonderful to read your journal in general, btw. I am grateful that we live in a time when I can eavesdrop on your life several times a week.)

Dawn Potter said...

Peg, thank you. I feel so boring nearly all of the time. It takes a force of will to write this blog . . . I keep wondering when I will lose it. Responses like your give me a push to keep going.