Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Finally I am beginning to crawl out of my hole of weariness . . . though I am also beginning to think I might have been ill. Both Paul and Tom report similar bouts of extreme exhaustion, and neither was up for two nights with a sick dog.

I need to break out of this pattern: I've got a bunch of reading to do for the Frost Place conference, my friend Marie has just sent me a gift of Celan translations, dandelions are invading the herb garden, the grass grows and grows, I have to perform at a funeral this weekend, my son's final high school play opens on Friday, fiddlehead season is fleeting, I have a second graduation celebration to plan. Etcetera.

But here I sit, alone, wrapped in my red bathrobe, drinking black coffee, reading Alcott novels, not leaping forth into a busy life. Sometimes the body says, Stop.


Ruth said...

Fortunately, our bodies often force us to stop even when our heads already have the to-do lists ready for the next 2 weeks!! Still, it is tough to give in. My mother, wise woman that she was, used to say, "Rest today and tomorrow you will get twice as much done." Still, our puritan consciences resist.

Ruth said...

I just read this one......It can't be ignored, but it can be postponed.

Dawn Potter said...

"Puritan consciences." Isn't that the truth?