Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It felt good to finally get yesterday's news off my chest. It also felt good to receive so many sweet responses--here, by email, by phone call, by Facebook message--and so much encouragement about the rightness of our decision to leave Harmony. I told Tom that letting everybody know is a way of pushing myself not to back out of our agreement, but also it's a way of asking you to read my ambivalence as as neither timidity nor capitulation. I think it's something different, something both complicated and simple: a struggle to act my age.

* * *

Rivers run, and springs each one
Knowe their home, and get them gone:
Hast thou tears, or hast thou none?

--from George Herbert's "Businesse"

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Maureen said...

Wherever we are, we carry within our true essence. Your essential writer self will move intact, I think.

I liked Portland, when I spent a few days there a few years ago. I was especially pleased with all the art to be found there in its many forms. I think you and Tom will have a great time there.