Saturday, November 7, 2015

Yesterday's visit to the Waterville Public Library involved lots of talk about big programming ideas. Everything depends on funding, of course, but no matter what happens, it is scintillating to talk to another person who cares so much about people and books and place. I came home in such a good mood with the world.

An even though the pets got me out of bed three times last night, and Ruckus brazenly yanked the Holy Bible off the bookshelf and threw it on the floor, my good mood persists. I love hepped-up conversations about "what if we tried this?" or "did you think about that?" or "yes, what a great idea, and it makes me wonder if. . . . " The word collaboration doesn't really cover the early moments of a plan, when the plan isn't even really a plan but a cluster of soap bubbles. It's my favorite part of creating curricula or programs, those dream-moments before the time and money problems clomp into the room. I always have liked blowing bubbles.

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