Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Teachers: If you've been considering asking me to visit your school this spring, let me know. I'm starting to fill my schedule, so now is the best possible time for us to start hammering out a plan.

So far my spring-semester work includes a massive age span (kindergarten through graduate school) and will cover both poetry and prose. I'm also available for professional-development presentations--in non-teacher-speak, that means I will bring a taste of the Frost Place to you. Or we could just hang out together and read and write poems or essays and pretend that we're not teachers at all.

[In other news, I just woke up from a massive anxiety dream about my son's college application. In the dream, he accidentally submitted a school paper instead of his Common App essay, and the school paper was graded page by page: C, F, C, F, F, C, etc. Somehow, in the dream, this was all my fault. Apparently, this is how a subconscious chooses to torture a parent who is also a writing teacher.]

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